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FAQ: Payments/Credits and what not.


During the past few days i've been asked how to donate to the server. I've tried to make the options as easy and simple as possible. Credits can take up to 24 hours to appear on your account (usually after a direct message it will happen within 30 minutes!)

-> Paypal - is accepted please note the link is directly on the main home page!
-> PaySafeCard - is also accepted just message me on discord to transfer the code over.

The link for the home page will be -> Under Tell Me More -> Please message me on discord with the transaction if you want to otherwise just the email or name of the transaction so i can isolate your payment!

Tricksters: We've found an issue involving the level 100 job quest, if you go above 120 you WILL NOT be able to do it until the maintenance on Friday 29th of November - this is to fix this bug and add a few more information to the game!


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