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Updates / [POLL] Mounts To Include or Not Include~
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on March 22, 2019, 12:14:47 PM »
Well... Another Poll similar to another. The questions is should we include mounts (Perm) in dungeons, these mounts will BE RARE! They will be a different colour to most mounts and i will be removing the Mount NPC in Roumen for this to work. I have decided it might be a good idea but i want your input to see if you want to have EXCLUSIVE Mounts for dungeons! We're going to have a box kinda deal so when you pick up the item YOU CAN TRADE IT! but once you have "equipped it" it will be storage only! (aka world only). If you're in favour please note IT WILL NOT EFFECT WORLD BOSSES at the current time!

-> Helga mounts will be coming though
-> Karen Mounts will be coming
-> Malephar mounts will be coming.

I will have a guide or a step by step walk though and announce what mounts can be obtained from what dungeon.
General Discussion / Money Guide
« Last post by SoraxShiro on March 14, 2019, 01:20:28 PM »
For now they are only 2 ways to get money.

Farm Greens and sell them (value gets higher with the lvl)

Join Academy im not sure which Academy gives money but mine does for now (Most Wanted)
General Discussion / Leveling Guide
« Last post by SoraxShiro on March 14, 2019, 01:16:57 PM »
Hey Guys i wanted to share my leveling experience on multiple chars.

1 - 20 Forest of Tides/Sand Beach

20 - 60 Tower of Izyel/Abyss

60 - 80/85 Crystal Castle/Ancient Elven Woods/Burning Rock

85 - 100 Swamp of Dawn/Alberstol Ruins (Icnomplete subjects D/E 5 at the Map)

100 - 115 ToS Black Shadows/If in a party try Lab, Lab is bit hard so u will need atleast 95 blues.. U wont get EXP in Lab if u're alone in it!

Good Luck and Have Fun Grinding on Stormbolt Online :)
Bugs! / Re: bug or just full?
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on March 12, 2019, 04:26:56 AM »
Just checking to see if its a bug on the system or if its something to do with the world server.

It was a problem with the world server, it has been corrected - apologies for delay on getting back to you.
Bugs! / bug or just full?
« Last post by HottDaddy on March 10, 2019, 01:24:48 AM »
just downloaded and installed the game says sever is full. i know sometimes that can be an error just checking.
Updates / [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 04-03-2019 [DD-MM-YYYY] - The Fix Behind The System
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on February 27, 2019, 09:50:52 PM »
Greetings - During the 4th of March the server will go down and you will be unable to play for the duration of the Maintenance - the changes will be announced AFTER maintenance has been concluded.
Updates / [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 24-02-2019 - Introduction of the Gods...
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on February 17, 2019, 02:03:11 PM »
Once in a while there is a server maintenance....this one is big....

So what is happening.....

Well that will be revealed AFTER maintenance on the 24th But what we do know is the whole system is shutting down for approximately 30 to 40 minutes!

>-> Website/Server for Storm Bolt Online will be closed during this time.
Updates / [POLL INCLUDED] [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 17-02-2019 - Fixes of the NPCs
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on February 15, 2019, 05:00:34 PM »
Game will go down for about 30 minutes while the fixes for Reset Keeper and Charm Master are installed.

-> Introduction to Buff NPC (thats one in Roumen!)

That will be the conclusion of the Maintenance, there is only a 30 minute down time as there requires more work to be done for later on, we're going to have a poll soon on this thread if people want Supreme Cleric and Supreme Warrior to return, we're going to start off with the Supreme Clerics first if its a go for it.
We are aware of the following bugs..

>-> Certain Items in Charm Master cannot be purchased
>-> Certain Items in Reset Keeper cannot be purchased

these are due to be repaired during the next maintenance.
Greetings First Proper maintenance for this server

Whats changing?

First few patches doesn't contain much just trying to repair the level 60 job change instead we've gone with a new idea which is to say changed everyone to the level 60 Class (from the Database side) Thats because the job change is glitched as all hell and might return when i've actually repaired it.

So Whats to come?

Stat points have been increased 10 times! Done
Charm Master to be introduced Done
Reset Keeper to be introduced Done
Added SP To the classes that require it. Done
Perm Iron Case added to created Character. Done
Stronger Fury's Physical Attack has been improved. Done
Stronger Endure's Physical Defense has been improved. Done

Passive Changes:
Archers Passive Skills Now Increases SP Done
Fighters Passive Skills (Bravery Mastery) Now Increases SP Done

Clerics Changes:
>-> Certain Skills Have been Revamped to give to both Holy Knight + Guardians Done
>-> Extinguish repair Done
>-> Deadly Blessing [01] to be extended from 10 seconds to 2 minutes Done
>-> Heal Amount to be increased. Done
>-> Endure to be revamped - to give more hp/sp Done
>-> Description of Heal has been updated. Done
>-> Description of Endure has been updated. Done
>-> Invincible to show how much damage can be absorbed before taken away.  Done

I just hope you haven't got too used to the locations of the NPC's in Roumen as they have been readjusted to meet the requirements of the Game! Please note some NPC's have stayed where they're meant to be! But others.....well they've decided to wonder off course a bit!
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