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General Discussion / Money Guide
March 14, 2019, 01:20:28 PM
For now they are only 2 ways to get money.

Farm Greens and sell them (value gets higher with the lvl)

Join Academy im not sure which Academy gives money but mine does for now (Most Wanted)
General Discussion / Leveling Guide
March 14, 2019, 01:16:57 PM
Hey Guys i wanted to share my leveling experience on multiple chars.

1 - 20 Forest of Tides/Sand Beach

20 - 60 Tower of Izyel/Abyss

60 - 80/85 Crystal Castle/Ancient Elven Woods/Burning Rock

85 - 100 Swamp of Dawn/Alberstol Ruins (Icnomplete subjects D/E 5 at the Map)

100 - 115 ToS Black Shadows/If in a party try Lab, Lab is bit hard so u will need atleast 95 blues.. U wont get EXP in Lab if u're alone in it!

Good Luck and Have Fun Grinding on Stormbolt Online :)
Me and 2 friends killed Male HC in 2 1/2 hrs, i killed chime solo in 50 minutes.. so the 2 bosses are possible to kill :)
Join The Team! / GM Request
July 16, 2016, 09:43:20 PM
Hey Guys! As the title of the post says i want to be a GM but before i go on i want to intodruce myself a bit first!

My Name is Emil, im 25yo and lieving in Austria (Europe). I started to play Fiesta in Year 2007 and P-Servers in Year 2009. I started to play Foucs end of Year 2013 i guess. Well lets talk a bit about experience c: I was on 2 difference Servers GM (can't remember the Names) for a total of 1yr both servers went down cuz of lack of communication in the Staff-Team. So do not making the post so long moving on to the important part why i want to be a gm:My reason is simple i love to help out new players with questions, also i want to help jerry and the other staff-members out so they can concentrate to other stuff like RL,working on server and other stuff. I also think its good to have one in the Team with European Time Zone and German as Main Language to help German player out they may dont speaking english or somethin c:

Well, thats for now if the Team-Members have any Questions feel free to contact me on Skype at any Time i will answer fast as possible.
Bugs! / Knight
July 15, 2016, 10:04:21 PM
Hey Jerry ^^ i said to u last time when i get my knight i will tell u if somethin needed to be changed. So i just realized that Earth Strike doesnt have a Animation, its kinda funny do see mobs dropping in the air out of nothing lmao ^^Well if its a known bug just delete the post <3
Thanks Jerry for Working so hard on the Server, i like the new exp numbers :D
Hey Guys! I was in DarkTown and DarkCave but there arent mobs in there, so i thought to add mobs "Master Craftsman" (per hand like on old Focus Stone Field) untill next patch. Those Mobs are the best way to grind to 125 the sad thing is the spots are bad only 6 of them with a respwan time of 30 - 45 sec.. But if my suggestion is accebtable, would it be nice if u add 20 - 50 Master Craftsman each in the 2 maps.

Edited for colouring is all. Added something to brighten it up from the background - modified by (Owner)Jerry.
General Discussions / Re: Is this server alive?
June 28, 2016, 04:49:20 PM
Imouto <3 u play again? c:
General Discussions / Lvl places 121 - 125?
June 25, 2016, 04:54:16 PM
Hey there, i hit lvl 121 a few days ago, i dont know where to lvl now.. if someone know a good spot please let me know. Ty <3
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