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Post by: (Owner)Jerry on August 15, 2020, 08:08:05 PM
Once Again this maintenance was split into two due to thunderstorms! So whats happening this time?

>-> SP Rejuvenation potions (fix) Done
>-> Fix of Skills that was broken during last maintenance Done
>-> HP Rejuvenation potions (fix) Done
>-> Fixed Abstate So Rebirth And Level Skip Are Different  Done
>-> Heals empowerment will be removed during this maintenance - there won't be no way to empower cooltime/sp/power levels since they'll be predone for you at the highest tier. Done
>-> Lucky House Drops required item for Treasure Maps - Red Lucky Capsule Done
-> Lucky house coins can be acquired after 125. Done

>-> Skill Fixes: Done
-> Power Shot - Tiers 1-10 Knockback enabled & After tier 15
-> Venomous Shot - Cast time removed from T14+
-> Ice Blast - made kitable
-> Invigorate - Added Movement Speed onto it
-> Shining Earth from t6 will now absorb damage! And description updated.

Coming Soon....
>-> World Boss Weapons Attack Will be Reviewed
>-> Weapons over all needs addressing.
>-> Main Story Quests introduction.
>-> Treasure Maps to be Added

>Fix of the gates does work, mobs do summon, rounds do work, just making sure the mobs attack and the rounds increase in number - maybe add it in this patch not sure yet! lets wait and see!

While that is happening please remember we're seeking GMs! for hosting events!