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Title: [MAINTENANCE] 17-09-2018
Post by: (Owner)Jerry on September 04, 2018, 05:22:48 AM

>-> Changed Virgil's hp (both editions) Done
>-> Added Halloween Stuff (ready for activation in October) Done
>-> Added Christmas Stuff (ready for activation in December) Done
>-> Added a New World Boss (more info later on) Done
>-> Fixed the drop rate in Secret Lab to actually drop the key Done
>-> Fixed a few Maps that needs repairing Done
>-> Fix of Cooltime Glitch. Done
>-> More Damage added To King Apoline Done
>-> Added Items To Adealia and Bera NPC's Done
>-> Fixed Damage Out put of World Boss Done
>-> Fixed Loading Screens Done
>-> Added Mini Maps to certain Areas. Done