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Server Updates / Launcher Changes.....
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on March 16, 2018, 12:45:39 am »
Greetings Well i've been busy working on the new launcher for the game. Changes include such things as removal of old boxes that would appear during patching thats gone. -> Removal of the Black Box that extracts the files -> Included the launcher version on the display.

More to come....
Server Updates / Server coming back!
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on February 04, 2018, 05:44:58 pm »
Greetings one and all, we're coming back after a few fixes later on this month or next month!

We're hoping to stamp out issues quickly and most effectively, also note that Focus Online 2 is still going to be around; Due to the lengthy downtime of the server the Staff will discuss what happens next. Each person who has asked for the server to return thank you for your continued support of this server.

We're also working on fixing certain bugs that have appeared over time, most of the work has already been done but some hasn't and therefore we're working on the ones that haven't been worked on.

What we can say for sure is the KQ bug where you couldn't get out has been serviced and repaired as required to make sure you can get out (patch 00134)

We're also working on some new system protocols as i have now improved from what i was using into a god beast of a system.

Staff will NEVER ASK for your personal details!!!
Bugs! / a very long list of things
« Last post by kjoy on May 15, 2017, 12:26:08 am »
well here's a very long list of thing that ( need to be changed/fixed/nerfed ect)

lets start on some classes

all debuff/poison skills-
              as we all know by know the archer here is a bit too under-powered right now including their skills
              but all of their poison skill only do 69 - 80 poison/bleed like that not going to kill anyone or anything really
              Id say set them to about 300 a tick that seems like a good amount rather than jsut relying on mages 24/7
annihilation power-
bomb arrow-
      ya these skills don't work

        they are ok as they are just need a but of a buff in mdmg and skills

Mystic wave-
Mystic mind-
Mystic drain- all of these do normal damage rather than do magic as they should

lighting bolt -  missing skill for wizard

inferno- nothing passed lv95+ for wizard

magic blast - stops at 117 for warlock


Slash- 100+ does all the same barely any defense drop (only one that somewhat works is slash 13)

     make clerics great again ( just make everything hit harder to make them more useful)

~all classes~
    missing toggle skills

DDI~ we all know there to many angelic harpy's in there but rather than reducing them lower then hp by 30% and up their damage and attack so they are less of a giant white wall of non attacking mobs ( also DDI mobs do like no damage should up that by a bit)


Ultimate legendary shields~ nerf dem bitches..  to 12% block 160% too op and with the rest of the legendary shields 10% should be fine as well

well that it for now


Suggestions! / Guides
« Last post by TheEvilQueen on May 14, 2017, 07:52:23 pm »
Hi, Im new here and I must say the game seems good so far but it needs guides, new comers like myself dont know the best way to make ig money, where to lvl, how to do the job change etc etc etc. Well that is my suggestion for now. Ill keep my eyes open for more things in case is needed. Thanks for the guides in advance.
General Discussion / Re: Item Mall
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on May 12, 2017, 11:56:28 pm »
Sorry to let you down but we do not currently have an item mall, we're working on the idea of one soon, and the link will be provided on the forum in server information soon. We're going to test the mall out first before leaving links to them so we do not want to worry about them.

Further more, we are a private server that wont have many items in the cash shop.
General Discussion / Item Mall
« Last post by radical on May 11, 2017, 05:57:40 pm »
Hi Jerry,

I just started to play on this server. I'm an old Fiesta Online player from 2006.

I would like to purchase some items from the item mall.

Can you please send me an updated list of all possible things I can buy?


- Radical
Server Updates / Maintenance Thread Forum
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on April 28, 2017, 03:25:43 am »
Due to a change in our system we've had to remove all patch notices however the following things have still been on the to do list:

>-> Adding a brand new KQ from level 110~125
>-> Adding a brand new KQ from level 110~150
>-> Adding a brand new KQ from level 120~130

While also covering the basics of looking over the skills and making sure the new gear is ready.
We're also reviewing the system of all changes to make sure new maps are given correct access and to ensure there is nothing wrong with the new KQs it may take some time due to the fact our login server which was hosting the forums (both patch set and patch server) went down, we've moved servers to keep us covered for the most part.

Any questions can be answered via our support team....links are in my signature! We welcome y'all to the server and hopes you understand why our past posts have had to be removed. Over all we've covered the most pressing issues if you have more issues please do not hesitate to inform us.

>-> Weapon skins needs repairing on Archers (xbows only! shall be done!)
Patch Number / Patch Number
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on April 23, 2017, 12:02:32 am »
We're currently at Patch number: 00137

Launcher Version:

Manual Patching comes Soon!
Bugs! / Re: Fortress of Shadows KQ
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on April 20, 2017, 12:07:14 am »
The issue has now been repaired. This thread is now closed.
Bugs! / Re: Fortress of Shadows KQ
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on April 19, 2017, 11:53:00 pm »
Best and quickest way to get a reply rather than waiting is from - or we've been busy trying to get the system back up and running again so its been slow progress but we'll help you out asap.
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