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General Discussions / Re: Failed To Connect To World Server
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on June 22, 2017, 02:29:24 pm »
Okay i found the problem and you should be able to connect again. next time use.... to send a ticket in so we can repair the problem quicker
General Discussions / Failed To Connect To World Server
« Last post by VulcanDragun on June 22, 2017, 01:05:37 pm »
Hey guys!

Um Yesterday I was trying to log on and when I tried to click on the server it said that I failed to connect to world server. I thought that there may have been maintenance going on but the launcher said everything was Online. So I decided to try to log on again today and its the same problem..."Failed To connect to world server." I even tried to repatch but that did not solve anything either. Does anyone have any idea whats going on and what I should do?
General Discussion / Current Known Bugs: #1
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on June 17, 2017, 12:43:39 pm »
Well since i'm on break here's what i know is bugged and what will be repaired when i get back from vaccy!

>-> Cash Shop NPC not showing What we have to offer
>-> Slip Away -> Not doing what its meant to do (Stun and disappear)
>-> Loot issue (aka the looting of raids)
>-> Stifle not working the way its meant to.
>-> Cleric skills missing
-> Holy Sign - Revives Everyone in your party!
-> God's Protection - Critical hit on everyone in your party!
-> Divine's Blessing - Rebirth everyone in party!
-> God's Temptation - Adds % to exp rate (note: Cleric ONLY!)
>-> Fix of Secret Lab - Adding feature to disable key use
>-> Add Black Sensai Suit
>-> Add Promotional Items - these are limited to 30~60days ONLY.
>-> Fix of Emergency Exit on KQ's
>-> Add 5 New NPC's to the Game (Just some information about the classes)
>-> Fix up Cash Shop...

Server Updates / Server Maintenance: 16/06/2017 - Mobile Rushed!
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on June 16, 2017, 03:00:58 pm »
Being rushed is not a good thing as i couldn't do the main tests i usually do before hand, the main tests i do is to ensure things WORK properly,
 but since i was rushed once again - this means i couldn't formulate the tests i needed to. Now to show what i mean:

Kitchen Nightmares - Today at 11:07 AM
@FocusOnlineSupport  can u please either increase the exp/put 4x ecp cards for like 1-2gem or make them farmable or idk just do something please, people are leaving because of it
and im thinking about quitting too

I actually had enough of being rushed and dont like people quitting - thats why the rush on the patch - unluckily i've already gone through a whole Gig of data, which means i might not be able to fund myself over the weekend. Thank you "Kitchen Nightmares".

Discord has been issued:

Fixes this maintenance:

Server Updates / Maintenance: 16/06/2017 - Not going Through
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on June 16, 2017, 01:51:11 am »
Greetings - we're meant to have a server maintenance on the 16th; but thats been cancelled reason being is the broadband of my home network is down (i'm doing this via my phone!)

We might have a quick maintenance on Monday depending on how things stand up on the modem end! the included tasks of backing the server up will be done on MONDAY.

Those who donated in Focus 1 should have already contacted support If you haven't already done so please do so,
 and also if you haven't made an account please make one and then send a ticket in so we can fix your bundles up! Many thanks
Server Updates / Server Maintenance: 09/06/2017 (DD/MM/YYYY) - 7AM GMT
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on June 04, 2017, 01:07:14 pm »
Okay we missed a week last week as i took a personal time off to get some resolution going. So here's the plan this week and some of it is liked some of it isn't working right:

>-> Fix Tower Of Isya (didn't work correctly) Done
>-> Crystal Castle - Fix the levels (from level 60+ this will be available!) Done
>-> Secret Lab Done
>-> Lowered the insane Poisons! Done
>-> Levi's Nest to be repaired Unknown What was Wrong.
>-> Burning Adealia either a new one will be put in for solo mode Party someone for now this is done.
>-> Repair of The White Queen weapons  Done
>-> Lowering the Defense of the shields  Done
>-> Adding Donation gear (5 different levels: 60, 80, 110, 120, 130)  Done
>-> Ultimate Legendary Staff/Wand doesn't enhance (will be repaired) Done
>-> Add Demonic/Angelic Skins + Vault to those whom already donated Done
>-> Add New NPC - Store Purchase NPC (shows whats in the mall!) Done
>-> White Queen to be given New Jewels (set jewels though!) Done
>-> Virgil to be given New Jewels + Weapons Done
>-> Helga to be given New Jewels Done
>-> Lilith to be given New Jewels Done
>-> Increase the mobs in Arkroute Done
>-> Increase Protect AND Endure (Clerics need some luving!) Done
>-> Fix of the 3 minute wave mobs in Burning Adealia Done
>-> Fixing the time on Freeze EXP Done
>-> Add 7 Extra Frost Nova Skills Done
>-> Removed Old Bag from reward System Done
>-> Few new skins thanks to Smile Done
General Discussion / It's Here! Focus Online Money Making Guide
« Last post by radical on June 01, 2017, 06:02:15 am »
Hello everyone,

Today I will answer one of the most asked questions within the server. How can I make money?

The following are a few steps you can take to start making some SERIOUS GEM flow :D

First off:

Join an Academy. Tip: You can make multiple archers (fastest leveling class) to make money within an academy. ps. Join Cataclysm Academy for the best rewards :3


Use the auction system located in Roumen by the "Reset Master" You can sell all the goodies you farmed :D

PRO TIP: To help new comers the Owner of the server has established a general rule when it comes to pricing.

General Rule on Sales on ALL ITEMS:
Level Items - 1~60 items 5 Gold MAX
Level Items - 61~90 15gold MAX
Level Items - 91~105 20gold MAX
From Items - 106~135 50gold MAX


Farm at Dungeon of Lost Dreams in Roumen - You will get about 1GEM each run (If completed) I recommend you bring an archer and kite the mobs or come with a tank. Level 120+ (Level suggested)

Roumen Map

There is Multiple Waves!

Suggestions! / Minor Suggestions
« Last post by radical on May 30, 2017, 06:54:32 am »
Hi, I'd like to make some minor suggestions.

1. Add more probation workers to Arkroute - There was an increase in the servers population :D people are fighting over mobs

2. Decrease brightness of swords on DDI chickens - Our eyes will appreciate it

3. Increase Clerics Buff HP amount - level 50 buffs same as level 100+

4. Fix Mob waves in Burning Adelia - At times our dmg is only 1 on 3 minute waves

5. Change color of ACADEMY to differentiate from guild chat

6. Add auroras :D

7. Increase time of NO EXP cards example 6 hours - 1 day
Server Updates / Trouble Patching?
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on May 27, 2017, 03:02:41 pm »
Trouble Patching?

Step 1: Download:
Step 2: Download:
Step 3: RIGHT click on the shortcut to the patcher -> Open File Location
Step 4: DELETE the Current Patcher.exe / UnRAR.exe
Step 5: Open Another Folder (Downloads) COPY Over UnRAR.exe
Step 6: COPY Over Patcher.exe to the Folder
Step 7: Open Dump Folder
Step 8: Change the number of Your.txt to 100
Step 9: Run Patcher.exe And it will UNRAR as It Did Before
Server Updates / Server Maintenance: 26/05/2017 - 7AM GMT
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on May 24, 2017, 09:31:02 pm »
Greetings.....As we're working on the server we've come across a few little glitches and bugs so in order we're going to stamp them out.

>-> Changed Puppet Helga/Hardcore Malephar to drop at 140 rather than 120
>-> Added White Lilith drops
>-> Changed Magic Blast / Stifle / Drain Mind to allow Wizards to have access to it.
>-> Added Tower/Crystal Castle/Secret Lab/Levi's Nest AND Burning Adealia to solo mode
>-> Changed BA's  conditions to give more time (solo only!)
>-> Changed DDI's drops to 140
>-> Changed Mounts to never die nor expire.
>-> Fixed Archer Poisons to increase the damage of the poison
>-> Changed Houses to have 20 slots on selling/buying
>-> Changed Houses healing amount:
-> 200hp/sp recover each time.
>-> Added Gates In Bera to:
-> Khazul's Refuge
-> Pagel's Battlefield
-> Crystal Cave
>-> Added Gates in Arkroute to:
-> King Albireo's Hideout
-> King Albireo's Hideout (Hard)
>-> Fixed Certain Skins that drops from bosses.
>-> Added Thunder-Bolt skill for mages

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