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General Discussions / Re: Failed To Connect To World Server
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on Today at 02:17:12 pm »
I'm currently on the server right now i can confirm that it ISN'T effected, it has been running but to assist i'll quickly do a server reboot.

Confirmation has been issued the odd thing is that you've been redirected to another site we do not have any correspondence with that website, therefore what i can suggest is a full test from spybot search and destroy (also checks your hosts file). If you have played other private servers they may have installed into the hosts file a redirection a suggestion would be to run a full scan using the current system (Spybot search and destroy) Full link:

It might help you out. Currently the system is fully working and tested; i don't host it locally so my local system is fine :)
General Discussion / Re: Focus Online Leveling Guide
« Last post by VanillaCandle on Today at 01:24:46 pm »
the grathics are amazing
thank u. it's harder than i thought it'd be
General Discussions / Re: Failed To Connect To World Server
« Last post by VanillaCandle on Today at 01:16:52 pm »
I've tried for a while, reinstalled the system but then just ended up at Does it work now? I want to try again
General Discussions / Donation System - And My Opinion On The Matter
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on August 01, 2017, 04:53:00 am »
Recently a character on the server; has filed a reversed a donation of $55! Now usually we won't name the person but we will name the character:


There is no address/personal information issued, I'm stating this - Donations are now going to a SEPARATE ACCOUNT! That won't screw the server over to the point we've had issues. Thanks to our own GM Gigee we've managed to avoid a closure of the server.

Radical has been perm banned - i will advise ALL Private Servers be notified of this issue as it can happen to them also. We're giving a few bits of information the account has been banned on Focus Online. Information:

The User tends to use: radical or radical1, email address: - Be very very careful around this person. That is an overall weapon to people.

Now to my personal opinion: Paypal has screwed people over and its upsetting; to say the least i was half tempted on closing the server due to one person, but that being said i am happy that the support network was on my side. So we've had to setup a new paypal, account for the server and its only for donations we're hoping to transfer it over to there the funds will not be used in case the same thing happens again.

Please do not message the user at all, the person has been banned after all...
Server Updates / Re: Manual Patches
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on July 30, 2017, 01:59:27 am »
Sup people some people have issues with the Manual patching. So i'm going to do a guide on how to do it.

Step 1: -> Download the Manual Patch (ones already been released!)
Step 2: -> Move the Patch into the Focus Online Folder (usually in program files x86 focus game online
Step 3: -> Run the Patch from the folder (in Administrator mode)
Step 4: -> Launch the Patcher after its completed!
Server Updates / Manual Patches
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on July 21, 2017, 09:49:05 pm »
Some people have asked for manual patches so i've been working on them, now the first one to come out is

MPatch1-130.exe - File Size: 777mb

Guide to how to use it is as follows, once downloaded you move the file into the Focus Online root folder (you can use the patcher right click open file location) Once there you can put the file there; then run the setup it should overwrite any current files with the latest files (since 130 is our latest patch).
Server Updates / Server Maitenance - 09/07/2017 (DD/MM/YYYY) - 7AM
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on July 07, 2017, 07:07:24 pm »
During this time the server will go down for approximately 10~15 minutes (note: not sure what has changed since i worked on some of it while i was off)

Once The server Maintenance is complete we will be opening up a whole new area. Event plans are under way, some of which the staff has been discussing - hopefully if done correctly we'll have it set up so staff doesn't have to attend during these events.

Please also note that OX Field will be changed slightly to enable trades inside that map while that happens we're working on finding faults with the main service.

Also note the long awaited store has come online

Here We're working on a 75% discount also! So a lot of fun stuff coming, Weapon skins are also coming into the store soon.
General Discussions / Re: Failed To Connect To World Server
« Last post by (Owner)Jerry on June 22, 2017, 02:29:24 pm »
Okay i found the problem and you should be able to connect again. next time use.... to send a ticket in so we can repair the problem quicker
General Discussions / Failed To Connect To World Server
« Last post by VulcanDragun on June 22, 2017, 01:05:37 pm »
Hey guys!

Um Yesterday I was trying to log on and when I tried to click on the server it said that I failed to connect to world server. I thought that there may have been maintenance going on but the launcher said everything was Online. So I decided to try to log on again today and its the same problem..."Failed To connect to world server." I even tried to repatch but that did not solve anything either. Does anyone have any idea whats going on and what I should do?
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