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General Discussion / Leveling Guide
« on: April 27, 2018, 06:47:20 pm »
The best way to level ( For me and others that i have noticed )

Though i will say this DO QUESTS you get more exp for doing them then grinding but i will leave the grinding guide up just in case you would rather grind. c:

1-10 : Forest of Tides - Hero Slimes

11-20 : Forest of Mist - Phino's, Greenky's, Smart Phino's, Prock Zones, Little Lizardman, etc.

21-80 : You can go to the Abyss just find the battlefield guard in each town. (Elderine, Uruga, etc)

81-90 : Flaming Mine in Burning Rock - Kill Cursed Knight Gold

91-100 : Temple of Spirit - Black Shadow

101-125 : Arkroute - Technician of the Arkroute (Go to Kahal Snowfields > Arkroute )

126-135 : (Still leveling will update when i reach these levels) c.c

General Discussion / Money Guide
« on: April 27, 2018, 06:09:16 pm »
A simple guide on how to make money (Or the ways I've found, feel free to comment if you have another way)

1.) Monster drops: All monsters drop money that goes straight into your money in your backpack.

2.) Kingdom quests: Another way to make money is by completing the KQ you will get a pretty good bit from finishing off the boss at the end.

3.) Bosses: Kill bosses around you're level to receive a decent amount of gold/silver.

4.) Join an academy: If there's an academy open feel free to join and get money as you level.
5.) Sell drops: Like weapons, armor, or accessories that you do not need.

6.) Do quests: Most quests give a decent amount of exp and silver.

Guild Talk & Recruitment. / Requiem
« on: April 27, 2018, 01:37:54 am »
Hey guys!

It's me Panda and I'm here to recruit for our guild "Requiem" ~

It's new was just made but I'm hoping we recruit a lot of members for KQ's, Dungeons, Bosses, etc.

Anyone is welcome, really don't have many rules at the moment. but the few we do are:


Be nice to other members and the ones in academy.
Always help when you can.
No drama in guild or acad, take it to whispers.
Remember to have fun.

But if you are interested just comment or add our discord which is " "

Introductions / Hello ~
« on: April 26, 2018, 07:05:34 pm »
You can call me Amber or Panda.

I'm 28, my life is just revolved around playing games and my family.

I play a lot of games, the Original Fiesta, Grand Fantasia, the GF Private Server, and Focus.

The others i only play when i get super bored the ones i listed are the ones I play regularly. :3

But yeah if you want to be friends just comment or send me a pm I'll check back daily.

Join The Team! / I would like to be a GM
« on: April 25, 2018, 09:06:24 pm »
Hi my name is Amber, age 28 I live in Georgia, US.

I use to play this game a couple of years ago and until they closed down so i regularly check this site and to my surprise they came back! (Very excited)

But anyway I'm requesting to become a gm because I like helping people and I'm really good with computers (Don't know if that's required or not?) Also I'm always online I'm disabled so i have plenty of time to my hands unless I have to go to the doctor but that's usually once a month.

I have never been a gm before I'll be honest I've always wanted to be one so i could be more helpful to people. I've applied to be one in another fiesta game a few years back but the other person was picked instead of me.

So thanks for reading~

- Panda

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