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« on: August 15, 2020, 08:08:05 PM »
Once Again this maintenance was split into two due to thunderstorms! So whats happening this time?

>-> SP Rejuvenation potions (fix) Done
>-> Fix of Skills that was broken during last maintenance Done
>-> HP Rejuvenation potions (fix) Done
>-> Fixed Abstate So Rebirth And Level Skip Are Different  Done
>-> Heals empowerment will be removed during this maintenance - there won't be no way to empower cooltime/sp/power levels since they'll be predone for you at the highest tier. Done
>-> Lucky House Drops required item for Treasure Maps - Red Lucky Capsule Done
-> Lucky house coins can be acquired after 125. Done

>-> Skill Fixes: Done
-> Power Shot - Tiers 1-10 Knockback enabled & After tier 15
-> Venomous Shot - Cast time removed from T14+
-> Ice Blast - made kitable
-> Invigorate - Added Movement Speed onto it
-> Shining Earth from t6 will now absorb damage! And description updated.

Coming Soon....
>-> World Boss Weapons Attack Will be Reviewed
>-> Weapons over all needs addressing.
>-> Main Story Quests introduction.
>-> Treasure Maps to be Added

>Fix of the gates does work, mobs do summon, rounds do work, just making sure the mobs attack and the rounds increase in number - maybe add it in this patch not sure yet! lets wait and see!

While that is happening please remember we're seeking GMs! for hosting events!

« on: July 23, 2020, 03:49:39 PM »
So whats changing on StormBoltOnline?

>-> New Keys - For New Maps! Done
>-> New Mobs - Gates needs adding to ensure sccess.
-> Change of the Town Portal to newer 130 area. Done
>-> Changed The HP Of Malephar (both Versions) Done
-> Change of the Minibosses inside the area also! Done
-> Also changed the Heal Rate of Malephar. Done
>-> Added Attendance (60 minute requirement) Done
>-> Added Skip Level Item - CAN BE TRADED Done
>-> Added ??? to Bera Map Done
>-> Added ??? Map to ??? Map Done
-> Exp rate has been adjusted and area locked to 130
>-> New Weapons Special token required (7days) Done
>-> Cap Raise to 135 With a difference Done
-> Exp Requirements are going to be different! Done
-> Rebirth Counter gets reset to 0! Done

Server Updates / DISCORD LINK
« on: July 05, 2020, 08:14:44 AM »
Due to not actually posting this as a thread i'm going to do it as a brand new link. This one is for the discord only!


Updates / [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 10-02-2020 [DD-MM-YYYY]
« on: February 07, 2020, 12:57:13 PM »
This week's maintenance is a conclusion on what happened last time. First of all. The Patch notes of last time will be given in this and will have a date written on them this will tell you when the patch was released as for this times maintenance here are the change logs.

>-> Card Dungeons - levels: 1-15, 15-40, 40-90, 90+ DONE
>-> World Boss Dungeon - Note: Not all world bosses are included! DONE
>-> V.I.P. Pets to be added (30d/perm) DONE
>-> Fix of Rebirth Status DONE
>-> Add To Mob Table the DPS Dummy's that was Added Last time. DONE
>-> Fix of Phoenix Set (to give buffs) DONE

Last Maintenance Change log:

>-> Removal of ALL Christmas Effects & Snowfall. Done
>-> Removal of Roumenous Sign in Roumen. Done
>-> Lowering level 130 Gears and renamed them. Done
>-> Changed ALL Mini Pets To BOTH. Done
>-> Changed NONE Pickup Mini Pets to Pickup Done
>-> Fix Requirements on Kingdom Quests Done
>-> Improved Mage Skills Done
>-> Added Forging System to the Game
-> Added Special Forging Materials To The Game Done
>-> Fixed Icons of Speed & Magical Defence Done
>-> Added Jewels To Drop Table (this is primarily 130 jewels)  Done

>-> Added the following perks to re-birthing
-> *NEW* Phoenix Necklace Done
-> *NEW* Phoenix Earrings Done
-> *NEW* Phoenix Rings Done
-> *NEW* Phoenix Bracelet Done
>--> Side note: To those who have rebirthed depending on how many you have you will be given a special coin to obtain said items from above each rebirth gives 2 special coins! You need 10 for the complete set! (Full Set Gives an extra bonus of HP buff)

>-> Deletion of most useless Quests other than Job Change Done
>-> Metamorphosis to be open to all classes. Done
-> Add a small speed buff on Metamorphosis Done
-> Changed Error Message for when using it. Done
-> Changed duration to be Eternal. Done

>-> Added New Cards To The Game
-> White Karen (A) Done
-> White Karen Queen Underworld (S) Done
-> Virgil The Ultimate God (S)  Done
-> Virgil The Nightmare King (S) Done
-> Kallban The Ultimate Ruler (S) - Side note: 110 Fortress of Shadows! Done
-> Legendary God King Phino (B)  Done
-> Legendary God Slime (C) Done
-> Legendary Goddess Karen (A) Done
-> Legendary Ruler Malephar (A) Done

>-> Added DPS Dummys in Roumen/Elderine/Uruga/Alberstol Ruins/Adealia/Bera/*NEW CITY* Done

Updates / [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 08-12-2019 [DD-MM-YYYY] New Stuff
« on: December 02, 2019, 11:40:31 PM »
So I've had a few ideas on what to do. First of all. All World Bosses have Had a fix:

>-> All World Bosses are now Level 140. Done
>-> All World Bosses Have had a major hp/def/dmg buff! Done


>-> Rebirth of characters IS able to be done! (Just DM me)
>-> Aura's Have Been Finally Added Done
>-> New Weapon Skins have been added! Done
>-> Bracelets have now been sorted out so they drop more frequently! Done
>-> Kingdom Quests Have Been Restored To The way they were! Done
>-> Level 130 Bracelets no longer use T3 Enhancement details. Done
>-> Level 130 Gear has FINALLY been added to the game! Done
>-> Increased Stack Amount of Charms, Rants to 250. Done
>-> Charms are now 30 days! Done
-> Make sure you put em on correctly i'm not going to change them afterwards
>-> Legendary Weapons require other weapons! Done
>-> Increased Max Lot of Hammer of Bijou to 250. Done

End Game Content and Other Extreme makeovers!!!

>-> New 3 Tier Skills -> Heal of Tears  Done
-> Tier 1: Heals at 950,000 HP on Target!  Done
-> Tier 2: Heals at 950,000 HP AND Invincible on Target!  Done
-> Tier 3: Heals at 950,000 HP AND Invincible AND Rebirth on Target!  Done
>-> Fix of Rebirth To 1 Hour instead of minutes  Done

>-> Added Annihilating Power  Done
>-> Fix of Nature's speed

>-> Ascension -> Cool time reduction (to 3 seconds)  Done
>-> Moonlight -> Cool down reduction

Kingdom Quests:
>-> Changed Kingdom Quests To Last   Done

>-> Adding Level 130 Gears Blues/Oranges/Greens   Done
>-> Christmas Decorations to be put up!   Done
>-> Snow Fields (Event Field)  Done
>-> Some Fields will have Snowflakes falling!   Done
>-> Fix of Town Portal   Done
-> Fix of Bera to make it correct   Done
>-> Fix of Virgil to Attack   Done
>-> Fix of Virgil's Minions to drop correct items   Done
>-> Add Level 130 skills to the correct npc's  Done
>-> Change from Tier 6 to Tier 5 to allow sockets to be used.   Done
>-> Changed Requirements of Legendary creation to +3   Done
>-> Crusader MP Set to 10,000  Done
>-> Added Face Items NPC  Done
>-> A Very Special Item Has Been Added To Mall  Done
>-> Fix of Free Battle Zones to the correct levels  Done

General Discussion / FAQ: Payments/Credits and what not.
« on: November 25, 2019, 06:00:06 PM »
During the past few days i've been asked how to donate to the server. I've tried to make the options as easy and simple as possible. Credits can take up to 24 hours to appear on your account (usually after a direct message it will happen within 30 minutes!)

-> Paypal - is accepted please note the link is directly on the main home page!
-> PaySafeCard - is also accepted just message me on discord to transfer the code over.

The link for the home page will be -> Under Tell Me More -> Please message me on discord with the transaction if you want to otherwise just the email or name of the transaction so i can isolate your payment!

Tricksters: We've found an issue involving the level 100 job quest, if you go above 120 you WILL NOT be able to do it until the maintenance on Friday 29th of November - this is to fix this bug and add a few more information to the game!

Updates / [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 24-11-2019
« on: November 23, 2019, 01:11:26 AM »
Something big has happened! oOooooo something huge!!! Now for the patch notes:

>-> Renamed from BlackMage to DarkMage (this is important) Done
>-> Merged Mages together after 100! Done
>-> Fixed Quest 100+ for Job Change Done
>-> Virgil fix (So its now going to attack!)
>-> Added Weapons to Virgil Done
-> Virgil Sword of Justice Done
-> Virgil Axe of Justice Done
-> Virgil 2 Handed Sword of Justice Done
-> Virgil Wand of Justice Done
-> Virgil Staff of Justice Done
-> Virgil Ghost Sword of Justice Done
-> Virgil Mace of Justice Done
-> Virgil Hammer of Justice Done
-> Virgil Bow of Justice Done
-> Virgil Crossbow of Justice Done

>-> Kingdom Quest to be repaired ( i think i know the problem not certain ) Done
>-> Siren's Castle Repair of Money Done
-> Armor Gears now lowered from 300 coins to
60 Done
-> Pants Gears now lowered from 200 coins to 40 Done
-> Boots gears now lowered from 140 coins to 30 Done
-> Helmet gears now lowered from 140 coins to 30 Done
-> Earrings now lowered from 140 coins to 30 Done
-> Necklace now lowered from 200 coins to 40 Done
-> Rings now lowered from 70 coins to 20 Done

>->Ominous Coin Repair also Done
-> Everything was at 100 now been lowered to 30 (Gears) Done
-> Necklace/Rings/Earrings was at 100 now lowered to 20.  Done

>-> Changed Weapon requirements to SupremeClerics from Mace or Hammer to Weapon. Done
>-> Changed Weapons requirements of DarkMage from Staff or Wand to Weapon. Done
>-> Added Reset of Bijou into the Cash Shop (price will be set during downtime) Done
>-> Certain things was bound to character has now been unbound. Done
>-> The Long Awaited Memory Feather that has been broken has now been repaired! Done
>-> Resistance on Bosses/Mobs have been changed - They can now be poisoned! Done
-> Side Note: The World Bosses now can be poisoned!

« on: September 25, 2019, 12:22:59 PM »
A Rollback must be made to correct a few issues that players have had please MOVE ALL ITEMS from BAGS 7 AND 8 BEFORE MAINTENANCE THIS IS IMPORTANT!!

-> Items may and could be lost if failed to do so!

The roll back will rollback files to a time before hand - i'm rolling them back at least a month! BUT -> ITEMS can be KEPT. Its just a roll back of server files & client file (the game) everything else will remain the same. Other than the obvious two bags are going to disappear!

« on: August 09, 2019, 01:47:33 AM »

System Requirements:

WINDOWS 7/8/8.1/10
1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64) processor*
2 gigabyte (GB) RAM (32-bit) or 4 GB RAM (64-bit)
5 GB available hard disk space
DirectX 9 graphics device with WDDM 1.0 or higher driver

Additional requirements to use certain features:
Internet access (fees may apply)
And Of course 256mb / 512mb graphics card

We're no longer supporting Windows XP because it is out of date and does not accept regular updates from Microsoft!!

Windows Vista is not supported either; because of Microsoft no longer has regular updates either.

This maybe something weird or odd, but if you've got a recent computer you should be on Windows 10 anyways! If you've got a new computer within the past 10 years you should be on Windows 7 or higher anyways.

Updates / [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 22-04-2019 - THE RENAMING....
« on: April 14, 2019, 10:01:43 AM »
While working on the server i've discovered I want to do some changes to the names of the characters....


From Wizard to White Mage
From Warlock to Black Mage


From Ranger to Bard
From SharpShooter to Clout


From Gladiator to Charger
From Knight to Blocker
From Warrior to Shifter


No Change from 100.
From Cleric to Asklepios


From Spectre to Loki
From Reaper to Hermes
From Renegade to Daucina


From Crusader to Bohemond
From Templar to Titus

Next Up is the changes to drops:

>-> Level 50 Blue weapons will be dropping from:

->Giant Goblin King
-> Torturer King
-> Dungeon Giant Orc Captain

Oh and now for other stuff:

>Cleric 105 Shields are now more powerful than Helgaites (idk why they wasn't to begin with!)
>Roars now stack up to 200 per stack!
>Double Skill points

Between times i do work on the database to make sure there is some nifty stuff such as now you don't need to register on the website just in case you missed it you can register via the login screen! It isn't perfect by any means because if you loose the account the support team CANNOT assist you - I still recommend you registering from the website though!

And a warning: the next maintenance may take a while as I'm working on a story to go with the game rather than just the bog standard quests - this means the quest system WILL BE REPLACED! The quests are going to be somewhat unique to the server which also means it will be harder to GRIND levels, but the story of the game will be more revealing later on! It also means that expansions on the quest system may come out as time progresses!

As per normal the server will go down for a brief period of time as such you can not play Storm Bolt Online! The game is scheduled to be down for approximately 1 hour!

Changes will be announced AFTER the maintenance has been concluded!

Join Us on Discord! (as we discuss and vote on there also!)

We welcome you to join!

Updates / [POLL] Mounts To Include or Not Include~
« on: March 22, 2019, 12:14:47 PM »
Well... Another Poll similar to another. The questions is should we include mounts (Perm) in dungeons, these mounts will BE RARE! They will be a different colour to most mounts and i will be removing the Mount NPC in Roumen for this to work. I have decided it might be a good idea but i want your input to see if you want to have EXCLUSIVE Mounts for dungeons! We're going to have a box kinda deal so when you pick up the item YOU CAN TRADE IT! but once you have "equipped it" it will be storage only! (aka world only). If you're in favour please note IT WILL NOT EFFECT WORLD BOSSES at the current time!

-> Helga mounts will be coming though
-> Karen Mounts will be coming
-> Malephar mounts will be coming.

I will have a guide or a step by step walk though and announce what mounts can be obtained from what dungeon.

Greetings - During the 4th of March the server will go down and you will be unable to play for the duration of the Maintenance - the changes will be announced AFTER maintenance has been concluded.

Updates / [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 24-02-2019 - Introduction of the Gods...
« on: February 17, 2019, 02:03:11 PM »
Once in a while there is a server maintenance....this one is big....

So what is happening.....

Well that will be revealed AFTER maintenance on the 24th But what we do know is the whole system is shutting down for approximately 30 to 40 minutes!

>-> Website/Server for Storm Bolt Online will be closed during this time.

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