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Well it looks like i've been giving everyone a hard time with the KQ's recently. So there has been some updates done towards the level limits we're also making it easier to get out of the KQ's

>-> When you die in the KQ it automatically will fail in the instance which will make you leave!
>-> Changed the level requirements to make it better for people to actually do it (tested on Kingdom Slime: +10 Gears (i checked you can +10 gears at level 1)
>-> Changed The Reward settings to ensure REWARDS at the end of the KQ

>-> Added New Boxes At The End Of KQ's to Ensure that things are easier
>-> Changed The System: If you require a Pickaxe for said dungeon you will not be able to enter.

Server Updates / MAJOR UPDATE - This one is IMPORTANT
« on: April 28, 2018, 11:56:55 am »
Recently i've decided to do away with The amount of minutes you actually play to conduct something better! This new system allows you to use the amount of time you play (note: it resets after you log out so you can't cheat the system!) to use in the Focus Online Store! Lets say you play for 1440 Minutes - the total 1440 is added to your store credits UPON LOGGING IN!

So to use credits from the game you MUST LOG INTO THE GAME Then the system is AUTOMATIC to charge your accounts!

Server Updates / Maintenance 27-04-2018
« on: April 26, 2018, 02:35:25 pm »
Greetings - There is now a maintenance planned for this date the game servers will go down and will be unable to play Focus Online 2 Beta Testers - Patch information will be released afterwards.

Server Updates / Patch 00138
« on: April 24, 2018, 08:14:33 pm »
We Has Stones! They work the only problem is that they're not default

So to sort this out so you can use them:

Step 1: Load up Actions Key ( thats "v" by default )
Step 2: Make sure you have the 4th Bar on display
Step 3: Left Click On The HP Stone (in the action window) and put it on the bar 1st slot
Step 4: Repeat For SP Stone
Step 5: Go to the Cog Settings and shortcut settings
Step 6: Quickslot tab and go all the way to the end
Step 7: See Shortcut 4-1 and 4-2 change them to Q and E
Step 8: Then you have your stones setup.

Since i haven't changed the SP/HP display you have no idea how many you have at the current time to assist with that each time you Login/Logout you get given 999 SP/HP Stones!

Server Updates / Launcher Changes.....
« on: March 16, 2018, 12:45:39 am »
Greetings Well i've been busy working on the new launcher for the game. Changes include such things as removal of old boxes that would appear during patching thats gone. -> Removal of the Black Box that extracts the files -> Included the launcher version on the display.

More to come....

Server Updates / Server coming back!
« on: February 04, 2018, 05:44:58 pm »
Greetings one and all, we're coming back after a few fixes later on this month or next month!

We're hoping to stamp out issues quickly and most effectively, also note that Focus Online 2 is still going to be around; Due to the lengthy downtime of the server the Staff will discuss what happens next. Each person who has asked for the server to return thank you for your continued support of this server.

We're also working on fixing certain bugs that have appeared over time, most of the work has already been done but some hasn't and therefore we're working on the ones that haven't been worked on.

What we can say for sure is the KQ bug where you couldn't get out has been serviced and repaired as required to make sure you can get out (patch 00134)

We're also working on some new system protocols as i have now improved from what i was using into a god beast of a system.

Staff will NEVER ASK for your personal details!!!

Server Updates / Maintenance Thread Forum
« on: April 28, 2017, 03:25:43 am »
Due to a change in our system we've had to remove all patch notices however the following things have still been on the to do list:

>-> Adding a brand new KQ from level 110~125
>-> Adding a brand new KQ from level 110~150
>-> Adding a brand new KQ from level 120~130

While also covering the basics of looking over the skills and making sure the new gear is ready.
We're also reviewing the system of all changes to make sure new maps are given correct access and to ensure there is nothing wrong with the new KQs it may take some time due to the fact our login server which was hosting the forums (both patch set and patch server) went down, we've moved servers to keep us covered for the most part.

Any questions can be answered via our support team....links are in my signature! We welcome y'all to the server and hopes you understand why our past posts have had to be removed. Over all we've covered the most pressing issues if you have more issues please do not hesitate to inform us.

>-> Weapon skins needs repairing on Archers (xbows only! shall be done!)

Patch Number / Patch Number
« on: April 23, 2017, 12:02:32 am »
We're currently at Patch number: 00141

Launcher Version:

Manual Patching comes Soon!

Server Updates / Patch Roll Out (0094)
« on: April 18, 2017, 04:19:49 pm »
So we've had issues, 16 accounts was lost however they have been recreated - so if you can't connect please email or contact support.

We have your characters SAFE!

Server Updates / EMAILS! - MUST READ! IMPORTANT!!!
« on: April 11, 2017, 01:12:58 pm »
Due to constant Spam!!

We would recommend using domains such as:

To sign up failure to do so will not allow you to get the authentication you need to allow you to register!

Okay i'm going to be completely open; i didn't expect nor see the server crashing today! We apologize for that and now we're going to do something during next maintenance to add up for it (i cannot do much this side!)

We're going to contact the support of the hosting company to ensure stability! Apologies to those effected. We hope things go smoothly throughout the night now; and we will monitor progress as we continue.

Server Updates / Planned Maintenance - 24/03/2017 - SHIELD SKINS!
« on: March 18, 2017, 01:12:35 pm »
Did i hear people say Shield Skins? I'm sure i did!!! Well after reviewing a few methods we are going to have SHIELD SKINS!!!

There are a few extra things we're adding on top of shield skins but that will be announced later on! Good luck to those who don't know whats included! By the way the repair of the Bow Skins was included 17/03/17! We're hoping to make a great success on the next patch!

We're also fixing the system to enable more facilities - we're reviewing each position of items also and we're going to work on the location of them to make them more productive! Oh and also note Ultimate Legendary's might make an appearance on it!

Website will also be reconstructed later on to include parts for Class as some people don't know the main strength/weaknesses of each class; we're still working on the server to allow more facilities!

Post to be updated at a later date (i.e. Towards the end of the week!)

Patch Log Here

Hopefully there will be a server maintenance on this date (17/03/2017) For approximately 30 minutes downtime, server patch will be available on the 16/03/2017. From that date you can see what is available.

Server Maintenance!

Community Updates / Clerics with 2 handed weapons?
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:45:56 am »
Future: Clerics with a 2 handed weapon? Hammer? Maybe - Note: when using hammer the following skills WILL NOT WORK!

>-> Heal -> this is due to clerics will be over powered
>-> Rejuvenate -> Above
>-> Recover -> Above
>-> Awaken -> Above

When this change happens you might get some brand new skills, such as

-> Whirl of Hammer
-> Swing of Death

The hammer is currently going to be set at level 125~135. We won't allow below due to the damage output of the hammer being predicted at 10k~12k. When the hammer comes out there will be a Vitality to increase clerics damage!

We're putting the ideas out there for you to vote on!

Date of poll Ending: 24/03/2017

Server Updates / Planned Maintenance - 10/3/17 (D/M/YY) - Fix Lilith!
« on: March 10, 2017, 07:26:51 am »
We apologize for not putting this announcement up before maintenance but anyhow maintenance concluded - no need to worry! Changes are found Here

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