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Title: [SERVER MAINTENANCE] 08-12-2019 [DD-MM-YYYY] New Stuff
Post by: (Owner)Jerry on December 02, 2019, 11:40:31 PM
So I've had a few ideas on what to do. First of all. All World Bosses have Had a fix:

>-> All World Bosses are now Level 140. Done
>-> All World Bosses Have had a major hp/def/dmg buff! Done


>-> Rebirth of characters IS able to be done! (Just DM me)
>-> Aura's Have Been Finally Added Done
>-> New Weapon Skins have been added! Done
>-> Bracelets have now been sorted out so they drop more frequently! Done
>-> Kingdom Quests Have Been Restored To The way they were! Done
>-> Level 130 Bracelets no longer use T3 Enhancement details. Done
>-> Level 130 Gear has FINALLY been added to the game! Done
>-> Increased Stack Amount of Charms, Rants to 250. Done
>-> Charms are now 30 days! Done
-> Make sure you put em on correctly i'm not going to change them afterwards
>-> Legendary Weapons require other weapons! Done
>-> Increased Max Lot of Hammer of Bijou to 250. Done