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Post by: (Owner)Jerry on April 14, 2019, 10:01:43 AM
While working on the server i've discovered I want to do some changes to the names of the characters....


From Wizard to White Mage
From Warlock to Black Mage


From Ranger to Bard
From SharpShooter to Clout


From Gladiator to Charger
From Knight to Blocker
From Warrior to Shifter


No Change from 100.
From Cleric to Asklepios


From Spectre to Loki
From Reaper to Hermes
From Renegade to Daucina


From Crusader to Bohemond
From Templar to Titus

Next Up is the changes to drops:

>-> Level 50 Blue weapons will be dropping from:

->Giant Goblin King
-> Torturer King
-> Dungeon Giant Orc Captain

Oh and now for other stuff:

>Cleric 105 Shields are now more powerful than Helgaites (idk why they wasn't to begin with!)
>Roars now stack up to 200 per stack!
>Double Skill points

Between times i do work on the database to make sure there is some nifty stuff such as now you don't need to register on the website just in case you missed it you can register via the login screen! It isn't perfect by any means because if you loose the account the support team CANNOT assist you - I still recommend you registering from the website though!

And a warning: the next maintenance may take a while as I'm working on a story to go with the game rather than just the bog standard quests - this means the quest system WILL BE REPLACED! The quests are going to be somewhat unique to the server which also means it will be harder to GRIND levels, but the story of the game will be more revealing later on! It also means that expansions on the quest system may come out as time progresses!