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Title: Leveling Guide
Post by: Panda on April 27, 2018, 06:47:20 PM
The best way to level ( For me and others that i have noticed )

Though i will say this DO QUESTS you get more exp for doing them then grinding but i will leave the grinding guide up just in case you would rather grind. c:

1-10 : Forest of Tides - Hero Slimes

11-20 : Forest of Mist - Phino's, Greenky's, Smart Phino's, Prock Zones, Little Lizardman, etc.

21-80 : You can go to the Abyss just find the battlefield guard in each town. (Elderine, Uruga, etc)

81-90 : Flaming Mine in Burning Rock - Kill Cursed Knight Gold

91-100 : Temple of Spirit - Black Shadow

101-125 : Arkroute - Technician of the Arkroute (Go to Kahal Snowfields > Arkroute )

126-135 : (Still leveling will update when i reach these levels) c.c